Peace is a universal value, recognized by everyone as the foundation for a harmonious society despite differences in religious, cultural and social backgrounds. Apart from seeing peace as the absence of conflict or war, we see peace as an inner value. Peace in the Park offers the possibility to experience this value together.


Tea pavilion

A cup of tea and snacks are offered. Sit back and relax, enjoy and spend time being by yourself or with others! A way of inviting the silence that revitalizes you.

Dialogue: an open and peaceful conversation

A dialogue is about being sincerely interested in another human being. It requires emphatic listening with an open mind. It gives insight into how we differ from others, but also what we have in common. Approaching life as on big dialogue will bring peace. The dialogues will be facilitated by experienced hosts.



Inspired by the work of the Swedish artist Kerstin Lindstrom we'll knit a Circle of Peace. While knitting we'll have a conversation about building a peaceful society. What inspires us and can we contribute to a more peaceful world? The intent behind this project, which is conducted at various places throughout the world, is beautifully phrased by Kerstin Linstrom: '"Own our own time" and "Uplift" deals with issues of time associated with a human pace. The project also includes questions about tradition and development, the participants' own stories and about attention.'



Positive attributes: everybody thinks about their positive qualities in preparation of a job interview. Via VirtueScope you (blindly) choose a set of cards with attributes. Characteristics you already possess, that you can develop through attention and helps you clean up obstacles in your life.

Stories of Peace from all over the world

Listen to experiences of international students which choose to turn dissatisfaction in their own environment into positivity and peace in their own lives.

Laughter yoga

Researchers found out that happy people are healthier than those who worry a lot. Frequently laughing people have a better immune system and consequently are less prone to infections. The secret is the endorfine (the "happiness hormone") produced by our brain while laughing. Laughing is fun, feels nice and is healthy too. Laughter yoga is an ideal form for meditation, originating from India. Dare to laugh along!


Particpants tell their own life as fairy tale, after getting some tips and practice as how to do this. Storytelling is something different as to reading out your story, it requires fantasy and enthusiasm! What is your story?


Peace workshop

Bringing peace in the world wherever you may be: in your own heart, your home, your workplace and your community. This workshop inspires you to take the first or next step in building peace within yourself and around you. Some practical exercises from the Creators of Peace Circle (a worldwide peace-program of IofC) will help to stimulate this process.

Mindset and meditation

What you focus on will grow! After a short introduction a few thought-exercises will help you to focus on how to think and live from a place of peace, serenity and love. By focusing on these positive thoughts, you can make the first step towards peace within yourself.


LabyrinthA labyrinth is an age-old symbol which directs the way inside, to our core. Labyrinths are found in many cultures and are used mostly in a spiritual way. For example in the cathedral of Chartres the labyrinth was used as part of the initiation ritual of monks. The labyrinth consists of - as opposed to a maze - one, uninterrupted path with many twists and turns which ends in the center.

A labyrinth can be walked with a meditative mind as part of a ritual or as a celebration of an event. During the festival we'll walk the labyrinth for peace, starting with inner peace. Marion Kuiperi designed this labyrinth and will guide the walk through the labyrinth.


String orchestra De Haagse Beek

De Haagse Beek is a stream running through The Hague and popping up here and there in the city on the most beautiful spots to surprise and refresh visitors. This applies as well for the mission of stringorchestra De Haagse Beek. Refreshing in a musical form, by performing classical music on special locations! The members of the orchestra are professional or advanced amateurs and come from region of The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam.

Classical Indian dance

A short workshop Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance, guided by Jaswina Elahi. Indian classical dances were originally performed in temples. The dances can be characterised by a combination of (mythical) stories and rythms. This workshop gives you a taste of what the dance means and gives you a chance to participate! We'll start with a meditative warm up. Then we'll do a couple of mudra's (hand gestures) and following different rythms with our feet. We'll practice the first chorus of the dance Poorva Rangam (Pooja). This dance is dedicated to God Shiva. Dancing and practicing together will bring the music to life and generates meaning. And it'll give you an experience of (inner) peace.

Theater of the oppressed

Movement is needed to be able to change reality. Being playful helps us to take a new perspective on reality and break free from our usual patterns and structures. In this workshop Eefje Cobussen will introduce us to the theatre of the oppressed. A drama method that is used worldwide to increase and maintain peace. The reality of participants is the starting point. We'll explore themes from our lives and from society in a playful way, and we'll discover and explore different ways of looking at these themes. We get a chance to practive how to this in our everyday lives. So join us and give in to your playfulness!

Images of Peace

How would you express peace in forms and colours? Join us in painting or making a collage in which peace is represented!


Taiji Bailong Ball

Taiji Bailong BallA Chinese racket sport, based on the century-old Chinese philosophy of movement. It can be practiced alone or with others. The sport has seen many variations: soloplay, freestyle on music or multiplay with one or more fellow players. Most important is the movement of playing Taiji Bailong Ball, these are round, circular and elastic. Playing together is more like a dialogue than a competition. In this way you train how to approach yourself and your environment in a natural, harmonious way.


Tacoyo is about the fun of moving. Activating exercises are combined with conscious relaxation and mindful breathing. Tacoyo is suitable for young and old, so come move too!

In balance through yoga

Through posture, breathing and relaxation exercises you'll search for balance within yourself. It provides stability. In our world that's constantly changing you don't have to lose yourself when you're firmly centered, flowing from the inside out. Find the balance within yourself! By Anne van Steekelenburg, who has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.


Come and join us at the children's tent. Children will paint, colout mandala's and play balance games. Children will truly experience peace through stories and conversations.

Peace in the Park

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