We envision a The Hague where peace is a powerful force within people. Peace as a universal value regardless of religious, social or cultural background. Peace as an inner dimension, bringing you closer to yourself, your neighbourhood and your city. Peace as a source of inspiration to connect with others or to start your own initiative of change. Our message is: “Be aware of the personal and inner potential peace exhibits and use it to make a difference!”

Peace in the Park would like to contribute to enabling this vision by organizing an annual Peace in the Park festival. The festival offers inhabitants of The Hague the opportunity to meet others in a harmonious and relaxed way in the Paleistuin (Palace Garden behind Paleis Noordeinde). Through arts, workshops, dialogue, exercises and meditation we aim to give visitors an experience of (inner) peace. An experience which empowers visitors to make a small change that can make a big difference in their own environment and which contributes to a sense of peace and connection among the inhabitants of The Hague.

Peace in the Park started in 2013, bridging a gap in local, national and international initiatives; the celebration of the centenary of the Peace Palace, the peaceweek (organized by PAX) and the International Day of Peace. This year Peace in the Park forms part of the ‘Just Peace’ weekend which is organized by the municipality of The Hague during the weekend of the 18th until the 21st of September.

Peace in the Park

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